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Monday, August 8, 2016


Gets one's goat 
Frozen, fruity dessert 
Fingerprint features 
Famous writer of fables 
Doc bloc, for short 
Disturber of the peace 
Decay-fighting org 
Crate eggs, e.g 
Copacabana setting, briefly 
Cocoon constructor 
Car-washer's need 
Buying binge, e.g 
Brennan of film 
Big, thick slices 
Bewhiskered animal 
Assume for argument's sake 
Aristotle's instructor 
Aquatic resorts 
Animal that killed Adonis 
Alternate identity 
Act on, as advice 
"Twelve Days of Christmas" bounders 
"Song" or "slug" attachment 
"How have you ___?" 
"Peter, Peter, Pumpkin ___" 
"Li'l Abner" character Hawkins 
"Arts" anagram 
Zooey's role on 'New Girl'
Whodunit writer Gardner
Unspecified location
Twitter logo whose name is Larry
Trucker's turnpike toll factor
Tissue in a tooth
Three-time French Open winner Monica
They're longer in summer
They may have experienced hard labor
Talisa portrayer on 'Game of Thrones'
Subject of the play 'Golda's Balcony'
Spirit sold to Satan in stories
Silver screendom's Sharif
Ship that was under Hera's protection
Setting for yelling 'Bravo!' and 'Brava!'
Romance, in Rouen
Ready to retire
Prefix used in the metric system
Postings at the Preakness
Platinum record earner
Pixar's Lightning McQueen or Luigi
Pigmented eye layer
Part of Marty Feldman's 'Young Frankenstein' costume
Part of a Gillette razor name
Panoramic painting
Nazareth natives
Jennifer of 'Liar Liar'
Like ammonia's smell
Jacob's fourth son
Ithacan's capital?
Initials that disappoint latecomers
Indisputable statement
Hangout for the Ninja Turtles
Grease job, for short
Gin-flavoring fruit
Gelatinous mold
General or Whole follower
Former headgear for underachievers
Fat found in haggis
Electronic 'assistant' since 2011
Disagreeably damp
Delete using two lines
Commentator Dobbs
Colloquial grilling spot
Chapman's collaborator on many Monty Python sketches
Casino heisted in the original 'Ocean's Eleven'
Cake often seen in a dish
Bring to light
Bills in change machines
Bead-based calculator
Back muscle, briefly
Avis, to Hertz
Adjective before 'little piggy'
Alternative to fries
Abandon, as a subject
'Jurassic Park' gene preserver
' 'How to Hold a Golf Club' is truly a …'
' 'A Pictorial History of Underground Water Sources' is …'
' 'A Guide to Antigravity' is so good, you simply …'
Toy building-block brand 
__ angle (slanted) 
Very tasty 
Very serious 
Very enjoyable 
Toe the __ (behave) 
Tips of socks 
Strolled lazily 
Sticker on a window 
Spicy cinnamon candies 
Spanish ”So long” 
Sowed, as a lawn 
Soup-cooking vessels 
Somewhat wet 
Shopping-list line 
Shape of a noose 
Room boundaries 
Rant and __ (show anger) 
Poker pot starters 
Word before Master or case 
Parking-meter opening 
Said ”Not guilty,” perhaps
War correspondent Pyle
Verdi opera set in Egypt 
Young shaver
Unsteady on one’s feet 
Yoked pair
Pebble or boulder 
Pay taxes online 
They’re on the house 
Parts of a chain necklace 
Unpopped popcorn
The Spartans of the NCAA 
U.S. coin introduced in 1916
Much-admired celebrity 
Texas __: poker game 
Morning lawn moisture 
Ties up tightly
Timberlake’s boy band
Modify to fit 
Sound heard by a shepherd 
Make, as a movie remake 
The Negev’s land
Low-cal, in ads 
Skating jump 
Lambs’ dads 
Jogger’s pace 
Ireland nickname 
Stir up, as trouble
Part of NFL: Abbr 
Some black marker wares
Social goofballs
Instinctive feeling, for short 
Snail-mailed or emailed
Skating danger 
Indian pole 
Sci-fi classic that introduced Princess Leia 
Sergeants, e.g., for short
Scheduled takeoff time (Abbr.)
Rock’s __ Speedwagon 
Scavenger hunt aid
For protection, as a weapon 
Road grooves 
Sawyer of TV news
Goes bad, as fruit 
How some tuna is packed 
Put a dent in, say
Reason for sudden death
Rideshare app 
Give a speech 
Prof’s email suffix
Princess Diana’s family name
Prepares to have one’s tongue depressed 
Part of a hair
Food on a cob 
Position of football lineman J.J. Watt 
Event location 
Occasional laundromat loss
Open-mic readers
Doe or fawn 
Old Order Amish, for one
Created a sketch 
Many Mideast residents 
Not playing hooky
Literary sister of Amy, Meg and Jo 
Lamp-to-plug line 
Not as cordial
Japanese capital 
North 40 unit
Mystery writer Queen
Giant among wholesale clubs 
Hardwood tree that drops acorns 
Heat unit 
Intense, as a competitor 
Mayberry resident Pyle
Improbable tale 
Matchstick’s game
Many an August birth
Hosp. scans 
Boy or man 
Literary prince of Denmark
Copy-machine powder 
Jay Silverheels TV role
Casual talk 
Household economic statistic
Brother of Cain 
Brings to a halt 
Heyerdahl’s “__-Tiki”
Gossip that’s “dished”
Healthy berry 
Basil and thyme 
Back of a boat 
Glavine in Cooperstown
Having the skills 
Folkie who sang of Alice
”That’s a shame” 
Fields of study
”Same here!” 
Extra-wide, on a shoebox
”Pulled” barbecue meat 
Gun, as an engine 
Griffin of game show fame 
Exorbitantly priced
Great Lakes mnemonic 
Elevator operator’s questions
Earl Grey, e.g.
Dwarf planet in the asteroid belt
Drescher of “The Nanny”
Genesis boat 
Concentration, notably
Coffee-mate is one
Cocktail party bites
Cardinals cap letters
Frequent John Wayne persona 
Business agenda entry
Fountain treat with Bosco, maybe 
Break into, as a computer
For each 
Fisher who plauy Princess Leia 
Boiled-potato processor
Equip anew, as a machine shop 
Author who went through Hell
Answer to “Shall we?”
Alternative to an Uber
Echoic remark before “What do we have here?” whose words can follow the ends of 20-, 28- and 42-Across 
1973 Rolling Stones chart-topper
“Dilbert” cartoonist Scott
Divisions of tennis matches 
Divisions of tennis matches 
Diamond weight 
Cut with light 
Country rocker Steve 
”Half” prefix for final 
___ boom (what a jet may create) 
What colanders and Swiss cheese both have 
What a landslide political victory confers 
Country rocker Steve 
Upscale business accommodations 
TV channel established under a royal charter 
Color similar to turquoise 
Temper tantrum throwers 
Squirrel’s home 
Short albums, for short 
QVC alternative 
Springsteen’s ‘Born in the ___’ 
Seeing stars 
Rom-com or horror 
Squirrel away 
Big Australian bird 
Sister brand of Gillette’s Sensor 
Bibilical dancer 
Sidewalks line them 
Ben Stiller’s mom 
Average, in math 
Root beer container 
Author Wiesel 
Actress Holmes 
Perch for a golf ball 
A cannonball makes a big one 
Pale as a ghost 
Orchestra section next to the cellos 
Actor/singer Garrett 
Of the city 
A cannonball makes a big one 
Objects of an Easter hunt 
Like the verb ‘to be’: Abbr 
90s candidate Ross 
Nail the test 
24 minutes, in the NBA 
Long view … or what the answer to each starred clue is? 
Queen of Soul” Franklin 
Like the Burj Khalifa among all the buildings in the world 
How was __ know? 
Like the accent in ‘é’ 
Leading man Grant 
Jewish mysticism 
the Women”: 2000 Gere film 
It acquired Lucasfilm in 2012 
iPhone purchases 
Iowa’s ___ College 
Immature stage 
Garfield’s favorite food, in the comics 
Hunchbacked assistant of film 
Home of the N.F.L.’s Dolphins 
Have a go at 
God, in the Torah 
Trio after R
Go beyond ripe 
Tierra Fuego
Get ___ of (throw away) 
Sunscreen letters?
Flies, to spiders 
Scott Turow book
Fancy party spread 
Raw minerals
Eschew Uber, say 
Places in the heart
Editor’s ‘Let it stay’ 
Meadow flowers
Easy win 
Easy runs 
Literary olio
Jo's sister
Ear trouble 
Kimono ties
Drops off at the post office 
Deck with 78 cards 
India's first P.M
City near Provo Peak 
Hoofbeat sound
Brewer’s fermenting agent 
Gambling game
Bob of TV’s ‘This Old House’ 
Bert’s sister in ‘The Bobbsey Twins’ 
Classic kids' game
Apologize for one’s sins 
Beehive State
'Great Expectations' lad
Amoeba’s shape 
2004 documentary about fast food 
‘Weekend Update’ show, for short 
Airline’s base of operations 
007 creator Fleming 
Winner of 11 1997 Oscars 
Wesley of 'Blade'
Zebra features
1963 Steve McQueen epic, with ‘The’ 
1956 James Dean western 
To the left, at sea
1932 Greta Garbo classic 
Thorough studies
‘___ Baba and the 40 Thieves’ 
Player's peg
‘There you have it!’ 
Hot, in a way
‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ fabulist 
Hitting the bottle
Halloween wear
Find charming
Egypt's Sadat
Couch potato's need
Brides' accessories
TV journalist Roberts
Warty animal
U2's lead singer
Tropical fish with razor-sharp teeth
Tool for a croupier
They're record holders
Texas city on the Gulf of Mexico
Take to the slopes
Superman's adopted last name
Sun lotion ingredient
Start of an Eisenhower campaign slogan
Sister and wife of Osiris
Slice, as a Thanksgiving turkey
Sioux City setting
Shoot the breeze
Seventh Greek letter
Sean of 'The Lord of the Rings'
On the agenda
Mozart creation
More than none
Log-splitting tool
Like certain wool and olive oil
In an unfriendly manner
Healthy green vegetable
Formal letter salutation
Grounds for guzzling
Foreigner's giveaway
Florist's containers
Eric Clapton song
Dustin's 'Kramer vs. Kramer' co-star
Do the wrong thing
Days gone by
Cygnet, when grown up
Clearly not latched
Censor, in a way
Candy lozenge
Bound with ropes
Blacken when cooking
Big Easy nickname
Away from the wind
About half of all deliveries
A very long time
'Nashville' director

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