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Thursday, August 11, 2016

crosswords answers

boots (1960s footwear) 
Cold and clammy 
fatty acids 
McNally (atlas publisher) 
Xhosa's linguistic family 
What you might return a rental car with 
WWW periodical 
Where many 44-Across are performed 
Waitress on "Alice" 
Spanish hors d'oeuvre 
Two octaves for a vocalist, say 
Spam unit 
Part of a place setting 
Ramen noodles or frozen waffles, e.g 
Rubbed raw 
Rock's ___ Lonely Boys 
Paquin of "True Blood" 
Opening stake 
Offer a viewpoint 
O'Brien of late-night TV 
No longer fresh 
Needing a seatbelt extender, say 
Multivitamin mineral 
Mud bath locale 
Monkey around 
MGM beast 
Main-event preceder, briefly 
Geometry calculation 
London's Royal Albert 
Like Oreos at carnivals, perhaps 
Like many Vegas signs 
Like an eagle's vision 
Lets loose 
Land visited by Obama in 2016 
Kingdom near Fiji 
High on the Mohs scale 
Having no tread left 
Gun, as an engine 
Grace verb 
Get visibly embarrassed 
Forty winks 
Fort Knox units 
First-grader's lesson 
El ___ (weather phenomenon) 
Dog biscuit shape 
Divided, as city areas 
Commonly pierced area 
Colorado ski mecca 
"Forever" purchase 
Commonly pierced area 
Colorado ski mecca 
Cold and clammy 
Circular path 
Bleachers denizen 
Chronic complainer 
Choice seating at the opera 
Cheap accommodations for youth 
Chasers, at bars 
Beyond doubt 
Bermuda or Vidalia 
Be nosy 
Bar mitzvah and baptism 
Abe Lincoln's boy 
34-Down prong 
"___ on a bet!" 
"___ I care!" 
"What ___ is new?" 
"Monsters, ___" (Pixar movie) 
"As ___ on TV" 
World Cup official 
Work diligently at 
Water cooler 
Vivid crayon type 
Skiing style 
Tuber, informally 
out (dress up)
Supper served in sties 
Wriggling swimmer
Work out a cryptogram
Spouse of a countess 
Whopper tellers
Smithsonian, for one: Abbr 
Unit of gene activity
Tsar's edict
Small choir, perhaps 
Touchy or sensitive
The items yonder
They lead to a walk
The whole schmear
Thai monies
Skiing style 
Tango requirement
Suffer a gash
Sentence-ending abbr 
Scandinavian rug material
Pediatrician's patient
Open up the floodgates, so to speak
One overboard?
Mysterious craft
Mortise complement
Mom or pop of a mom-and-pop operation
Man-shaped drinking mug
Letters of inflation
Leaps of faith?
Lady's clutch
Joule fragments
It's for skilled operators
It's for skilled operators
It might be a fat cat in India
It may be slung
Rock blaster 
Schwarz of toydom 
Home to the Taj Mahal
Hawaiian instrument, shortened
Sarcastic rebuke 
Have good eyesight
Go to, as a show
Fussy old hen?
Respectful title 
Recharges one's batteries 
Really went after 
Famous gardener
Dull as dishwater
Drumstick, essentially
Dropped hints about
Cry in a crowded hall
Composer Carmichael
City on the Penobscot River
Certain Disney Dalmatian
Become troublesome
Largest US union 
Beatnik with a beat
Really long time 
1965 Alabama march site
"When Harry Met ___ ..."
Rains as 62 Down 
"The Matrix" character
"Pay to ___" (check words)
"Groaned" partner
"Fawlty Towers" network
Pipes up 
Particular individual 
Queequeg, in ''Moby-Dick'' 
Queequeg, in ''Moby-Dick'' 
Plays, as a part 
Outer edge 
On a rapid rise 
Nonentity in alphabetization 
Monument Valley scenery 
Mediterranean diet staple, for short 
Material for some brushes 
Jewelry box item 
Highly noteworthy 
Grain fed to sheep 
Engine cooling aid 
Get the feeling 
Frat letter 
Family nickname 
World record?
Zorro's marks
Willa Cather work
Fail completely 
Shark feature
Dash device 
Potpourri pouch
Driller's designation 
Coincidence of pitch 
Loading zone
Doctor's order 
Kilmer poem
Infamous Borden
Benedict, in ''The Imitation Game'' 
Do a rollover 
Have debts
Density ratio, in physics 
Has permission
Creative skill 
Auto part 
Greek pita sandwich
Garden pavilion
Cars to charge 
Donated 10 percent
Branch office 
Castle barriers
Biscuit color 
Be a couch potato
Bake sale org
A Four Corners state 
Baby kangaroo
''The Force Awakens'' general 
A Gershwin brother
'Is that so?'
''Even __ speak'' 
How dare 
''A Beautiful Mind'' role 
Unable to eat another bite
Some switches
Workout unit
Purple swallows
Prepare for a fight
Pacific island group
Much of N. Amer
Masters setting
Like some bonuses
Like the stables cleaned by Hercules
Large cactus 
Lab runners
Joined forces
Fred and Wilma's pet
Eastern 'way'
By the way
Brewery sight
Biblical realm
World's largest peninsula
What a cool customer might have in his or her veins
Their businesses are growing
Tabby's mate 
Spots on your TV worth watching
Simple poetry pattern
Sign of spring
Sandra in a song from 'Grease'
Salad oil holder
Provided a staff for
President during the Teapot Dome scandal
Pinning place 
Patton portrayer
Owl with a message about ecology
Org. with a mission
One-named singer who recorded at the Acropolis
One of the Gorgons
Not too old, not too young 
New York Harbor sight
Maids, at times
Lethal nerve gas
King in a Steve Martin song
Keystone State port
Judged as appropriate
Jawaharlal's daughter
Jarring jolt
Ice cream maker Ben and songwriter Leonard
Humanist from Holland
Helped settle, as an argument
Happening place, colloquially
Follower of Mao?
Downed a sub, say
Disobeyed a zoo sign?
Cross inscription
Buzz's moonmate
Bulls or Bears
Brown family member
Broadway producer
Trainer’s command 
Bikini, for one
An American in Paris, maybe 
Wing, perhaps 
1973 Supreme Court decision name
'When I was ___ ...' ('H.M.S. Pinafore' lyric)
'Just like that!,' as heard in 'The Godfather'
With “The,” Julius Kelp, in a 1963 movie 
Welling up 
Vegan staple 
U2 frontman 
Toon with the catchphrase “You’re despicable!” 
Subtle assent 
Take the role of 
They don’t last long 
Take the role of 
Struggling sea 
Stars and Stripes squad 
Source of confidence 
Some temperature extremes 
Soft drink ord 
Sign at the register 
Shot source 
Send out 
Section with a slicer 
Russia’s __ Mountain 
Rise slowly, as smoke 
Riding crop relative 
Restful place 
Position for Ph.D. students 
Old Venetian judge 
Oil giant, on the NYSE 
Offer as proof 
More comforting 
Little biter 
Like daisies 
Left Bank lunch choice 
Is of use to 
Introductory French infinitive 
Hors d’oeuvres server’s suggestion 
Guinness on screen 
Gp. joined by Croatia in 2009 
Goes after, as a fly 
Girl in a Manilow song with “A dress cut down to there” 
Gas, for one: Abbr 
Frighten, as a horse 
Fossey subjects 
Food truck offering 
Extended conflicts 
Dr. Seuss book about an odd time of the week 
Cousin of edu 
Copyright data: Abbr 
Cassini of fashion 
British cruciverbalists 
Ancient instrument with finger holes 
Algerian coastal city
Alfred E. Neuman trademark 
2012 Best picture 
Tahoe Airport
With pleasure 
“__ du lieber!” 
Shameless” network, in TV listings 
Brutus says he was ambitius”: Antony 
Wooer’s gift 
Where the Kon-Tiki set sail from 
Track team 
Typographical runover 
Went for a bite 
Sword-and -sandal movie costume 
Verdi aria ‘___ tu’ 
Tangential observation 
Shows signs of waking 
Set as a goal 
Scrip subject 
Royals manager Ned 
Put in a pyramid, say 
Pirelli product 
Nabisco bestseller 
Hummus go-with 
Ned Stark’s first son, on ‘Game of Thrones’ 
Org. advocating gender equality 
One might evoke screams 
Neck and neck 
Middle of seven vowels 
Lucy’s co-star 
Lofty lines 
Little League membership restriction 
Just plain silly 
Just mopped 
Jet stream’s heading 
Hubbard of Scientology 
Hermana de la madre 
Go to great heights 
Gateau’s cousin 
Game akin to euchre 
Foppish neckwear 
Food with a red rind 
Fife folks 
Fan’s question after missing the end of the game 
Editorial veto 
Dragon’s domicile 
Dental filling 
Cries of discovery 
Craig Biggio, for 19 years 
County north of San Francisco 
Correct for someone’s bad hearing? 
Check for ID 
Canteen letters 
Bloody Mary garnish 
Big name in blenders 
Biblical birthright seller 
Back in the navy 
All possible 
A fan of 
2014 film whose song ‘Glory’ took the Oscar 
1971 Carole King chart topper 
1968 Steppenwolf song 
1951 Nat King Cole hit 
1927 Gershwin show tune 
Parts of a Santa Claus balloon 
M.A. seeker's hurdle 
Creature of habit? 
Texting in a theater, e.g. 
Blue wail? 
One of the seven principles of Kwanzaa 
Musical trio, often 
"Mission: Impossible" genre 
Oh, really?!" 
Biodegradable neckwear 
Reedy area 
Air when it's cold outside? 
Back of a gun barrel 
Captain of industry 
Storied endings? 
Singer Brickell who fronted the New Bohemians 
Northwest brew, familiarly 
Late start? 
Mythical eponym of element #41 
Stephen Colbert forte 
Don, as a chemise 
Purchase in a bear market? 
Michael of "Caddyshack" 
Disaster shelter sight 
No-holds-barred online Q&A 
Possessed of savoir-faire 
Font akin to Helvetica 
Halloween handout 
A shooting star has one 
Trunks, of a sort 
T. rex, e.g. 
One way to stand by 
When José Martí was born 
Score of a lifetime? 
Band of brothers? 
Wise guy 
Missing nothing on 
Longtime resident of New York's Dakota apartments 
Irritation reaction 
"It is better to give than to receive," e.g. 
"Lincoln" or "Nixon" 
Winston's tormenter in "1984" 
No one in particular 
___ Dantès, the Count of Monte Cristo 
Like Antarctica 
[See circled letters] 
Something that may crash and break 
Show in syndication, say 
J. K. Rowling, by residence 
Qdoba offering 
Capital south of Lake Volta

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