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Sunday, August 7, 2016


Yonder folks
Words before "costs"
Word with "coach" or "home"
Stimulate, as an appetite
Was active at an auction
Trail for Hansel and Gretel
Track and field event
Whirlpool subsidiary 
Sports rival of Harrow 
Without equal 
Tortellini topping
They're self-inflated
Vending machine insert 
Stacked amount of cash
Time Warner’s onetime partner 
Slow, to a maestro
Syndicate boss 
Starchy fare, slangily 
Starbuck offering, informally 
Seeks the affection of
Seeing through the deception of
Russian prison camp
River in Missouri
Post-USSR alliance
Skeltons’ Kaddiddlehopper 
Orangs and such
Plural suffix with "Brooklyn"
Sidekick played by Depp in 2013 
Seaplane part 
Microphone word
Scheduled to arrive 
Miner's entrance
Response to “Are you hurt?” 
Read carefully, with over 
Rarer than rare, as steak goes 
Protruding navel 
Marine food fish
Play a fife 
Mad cow disease, briefly
Pinned figurine 
One way to get directions 
Lipton product (var.)
One of the Ivies, for short 
Largest city in Nigeria
Land with pyramids
Mama June’s reality-show daughter 
Large wine casks
Loyal subject 
Loud, like a crowd 
Homes for hawks
Hosiery annoyance
Leopold co-defendant in 1924 
Jordan’s largest city 
Hole for a ship's anchor rope
Have an opinion
Japanese electronics giant 
Go from pillar to post
Frequent, in rhyme
In the nick of time 
Fire truck attachment
In custody of, as a museum 
Feature of some purses
Hammer end 
Feature of contracts
Desist's companion
Dates for gals
Costa ___, California
Choose not to vote
Cafeteria java container
Boy Scout group
Be blatantly self-evident
Ball or globe
Along the edges of
"Waiting on ya"
"With this ring, I ___ wed"
Aggressive court figure
Garmin displays 
"To ___ is human ..."
First of a series 
Finger-lickin’ good 
"The Spirit of '76" instrument
"Ammonia" has two
Filling station adjunct, often 
"Take ___ down memory lane"
"Greatest" of boxing
FedExes, say 
Far from genteel 
Ernie, “Mr. Cub” 
’60s quartet adjective 
Avignon agreement 
Hairy Addams cousin 
Opposite of 83-Across 
Strike zone? 
Best Actress between Cher and Jessica 
Dove’s home 
Arrived from above 
Dahl’s Willy 
Easy to use, in adspeak 
Dagwood’s “SKNXX-X” 
Concern of Salk and Sabin 
Creme-filled treat 
Cold War side 
Check a box, perhaps 
Can’t do without 
Camden Yards player 
41-Across, e.g 
Good for the heart and lungs 
Brussels-based grp. 
Shoulder decoration 
Blow off steam 
Information company co-founder Charles 
Beltway insider, for short 
Color like aqua 
Worm ('80s light-up toy)
Be too nosy 
Really impress the critics 
Argentina’s Evita 
H2SO4, e.g 
Word with horse or rat
A way to sell 
Place of honor 
Tricky football plays
With lots to spare
Make a fool of 
“Ye” follower, often 
Kansas-born playwright 
“-ite” minerals, often 
Type of broadcast enjoyed by trivia buffs
”Sorry, lad” 
__ rage (juicer’s problem) 
It may be taken in the afternoon 
Sections of the brain 
“Elephant Boy” boy 
They come in bunches
Team once called the Highlanders
Humdrum routine 
“Damn Yankees” siren 
Powerful campaign force 
“Cheers” bartender Sam 
Subway transfer loc
Site of Vulcan's forge, in myth
Brother-and-sister biathlon training regimen? 
Sister of Regan
Kind of test 
Show whose title character used a customized Winchester
Singer Lambert who's toured with Queen
Atkins no-no 
Place with a serpent problem 
Revival effort, initially
”Stormy Weather” singer 
Wood-damaging insect 
Racket extension?
The “A” often seen in 49-Across 
Queen Anne's Revenge, e.g
WWII cost-stabilizing agcy 
Old Saturn model
Norwegian royal name
Scarpia’s killer, in a Puccini opera 
Niels who modeled the atom
One of the Allman Brothers 
New Zealand parrots
Elizabethan neckwear 
Rouen’s region 
Neutralizes the effect of
Pound sound 
Musical set in Manhattan's East Village
Act like a wolf 
Much praised
Most Bollywood stars
Cause of playtime sadness? 
More than trickle
Meathead’s wife in ’70s TV 
Disguised, briefly 
Having a heck of a winning streak 
Many a fed. holiday
Fresh Effects brand
Language group that includes Swahili
Brown, for one 
Fork-tailed predator
Scuba gear 
First name in bronzers
Bunny slope conveyance 
Exciting March Madness periods, briefly
Boston’s Liberty Tree was one 
Count on boxes
Large ’90s-’00s SUV 
Constantine's country
Old Roman name for Ireland 
Music rights gp 
Common platter shape
City served by Düsseldorf Airport
Capture, in a way
Camera shop letters
Bygone Buick
Brown alternative, familiarly
Boldly unconventional
Birds associated with the god Thoth
Article in Oaxaca
Ancestor claimed by Julius Caesar
Allowance spender
Air current ridden by a soaring bird
Adjective on a taquería menu
Head of France? 
Temperance advocates 
1992 racing game that spawned a franchise
Wood that sinks in water 
1953 film with the tagline 'A raging torrent of emotion that even nature can't control!'
'___ #1's' (2005 country music album)
Holmes of “The Kennedys” 
'Straight Outta Compton' role
Detroit’s Joe __ Arena 
'Pride and Prejudice' suitor
Wedding cake layer 
Request at the poultry farm? 
Not odd at all 
Business card abbr 
Chased from the closet 
Spaniard’s “L’chaim!” 
On Vine St., say 
__ Soleil: 17th-/18th-century royal 
Eldest Bennet daughter in “Pride and Prejudice” 
Animal always without a home? 
Taken over 
Written guffaw 
Senator Bail Organa’s adopted daughter 
Biryani base 
Neighbor of Leb 
Mucinex relative 
”I’m not afraid of __; I just don’t want to be there when it happens”: Woody Allen 
Quadratic formula course 
Spy-fi villain in a Nehru jacket 
Editor’s “Let it be” 
Potential benefit 
”Aw, fudge!” 
Show one’s humanity 
Last log entry? 
Like __: probably 
Israeli statesman Abba 
Embellishment on Arabic calligraphy? 
Feature of ths clue 
Francis of “What’s My Line?” 
In a proper manner 
”La donna è mobile,” for one 
WWI French battle site 
Guadalajara gal pal 
Radiographer’s tests 
Online ref. since 2000 
Cause of a municipal alert 
”Jurassic Park” threat 
Après-ski option 
Bayer that might cause a headache 
Crowded dorm symptom? 
Rudely awaken 
Artist Mondrian 
Father __ Sarducci: “SNL” character 
Jackson ejector 
Nobel Peace Center home 
Municipal tennis court? 
Apple’s apple, e.g 
Rare state bird 
Bacon in a parlor game 
Firefly emanation 
”Ring Around the Rosie” word 
Word of regret 
Whom Marc orated about 
What Rembrandt spoke 
Went quickly 
Wear and tear 
Very thick window 
Vast, in verse 
UV-protection measure 
Usage agreement 
Underground drain 
Type of coffeehouse 
Toward the rudder 
Took it easy 
Tomato varieties 
Time for checks 
Terrier type 
T-shirt size 
Swordplay weapon 
Summer Games org 
Stop between flights 
Statue of Liberty's exterior makeup 
Stages a comeback 
Sport in a ring 
Somewhat, so to speak 
Something to keep a beagle busy 
Small stock purchase 
Short-billed wading bird 
Shaped like a rainbow 
Severe cold snap 
Seventh-century starter 
Routing word 
Round Table titles 
Road shoulders 
Publicity ploy 
Pepper processors 
PC corner key 
Part of a tied shoelace 
Operatic selection 
Nervous-system regulator 
Most recent 007 
Mosque faith 
Mortgage shopper's concern 
Mississippi River explorer 
Minestrone pasta 
Mideast capital 
Meditation chants 
Maui and Kauai 
Manufacturing facility 
Low-abrasive cleansing brand 
Literary excerpt 
Lifts with effort 
Large cooking vessel 
Knocked over 
Keep busy 
Kazakhstan's locale 
Irish actor Stephen 
Ingrid or Ingmar Bergman 
Hulking herbivore 
Hieroglyphics animal 
Hallmark subsidiary 
Grind, as teeth 
Golf pro's stumble 
Globetrotter's reference 
GI morale booster 
Get rid of 
Founded, for short 
Flight-related prefix 
Find a space 
Finance degs 
Electrical adapter for England 
Eastern European 
Bit of dangling jewelry 
Circus venues 
DNA test site 
Dietary measure 
Deputy: Abbr 
Defensive discipline 
Decisive NFL periods 
Cuddly pet 
Crystal buyer, perhaps 
Crowd-sourced review site
Couplet creator 
Code-cracking org 
Carve in stone 
Carefree escapade 
Cards in wallets 
Campaign funding org 
PTA Bialystock's partner in ''The Producers'' 
Bake-sale org 
Attack from above 
At the perfect time 
Artemis or Aphrodite 
Apt rhyme for ''surveil'' 
''Tastes great!'' 
''Take this'' 
''M*A*S*H'' vehicle 
''Jo's Boys'' author 
''I Love Lucy'' surname 
''Casablanca'' heroine 
''Be glad to!'' 
''60 Minutes'' airer  

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