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Saturday, August 13, 2016


Whimsical garden figurine 
What hiring your son is 
Title of respect, abroad 
Superman's Lane 
Summer on the Riviera 
St. Patrick's Day celebrant 
Squid's weapon 
Smaller and rounder, as eyes 
Small sample 
Russian soups 
React to an effective alarm 
Quick winnings provider, sometimes 
Quick look 
One-customer link 
NYPD descriptor 
Not sympathetic 
Most recent 
Monopoly requirement 
Laurel or Musial 
Landers who offers advice 
Jefferson Davis' gov 
It's good if you don't strike 
Infamous horde member 
In spite of the fact that, briefly 
Hopped on, as a train 
Helped a pot, in a way 
Heeds "heads up! 
Have a funny feeling 
Exuberant-sounding mackerels? 
Halloween trick alternative 
Great fury 
Wheat variety
Fox rival 
Times Sq. force
Fountain sound 
Stop signs, e.g
Start of a magical chant
Flight, hotel and rental car together, e.g 
Sobbing sound
SeaWorld stage name
Face part 
Rock's Ocasek
Praiseful pieces
Expose to public view 
Cylindrical fastener 
Palatal danglers
Mozart compositions
Conner and Starr 
Mountain crests
Comaneci of Olympics fame 
Like some laundromats
Breathe rapidly 
Knightly conduct
Cinnabar, for one 
Homeric wanderer
Homer Simpson's barkeep
Zehn minus neun 
Cocky newcomers
The 1906 Hepburn Act gave the ICC power to set rates for them 
Like Schubert’s “Trout Quintet” 
Chemical suffix
King’s end? 
Bol. neighbor
Bit of progress 
Anonymous fan
Talks drunkenly
Blue eyes or baldness, e.g 
”John Dough and the Cherub” author 
"Jabberwocky" beginning 
Barnard College grad, for one 
Absorb the loss 
Battlefield healer 
Summer of song
At a greater distance 
Some postage
Try hard (for) 
Shows sorrow
Liqueur in a monastic-looking bottle 
Role for Jim Carrey
Grapevine product, with “the”. 
Moderate tempo
Young camper’s proof of ownership 
Air freshener targets 
McKellen of 'X-Men'
Act incensed 
Like some books
Jasmine's love
"Dallas" family name 
Congress creation
Burgundy, e.g
Blame recipient
Baldwin of the Seahawks
Workers on a hill
's (applesauce brand)
Trauma centers (abbr.)
To whom Polonius said, “To thine own self be true” 
Cuban Revolution VIP 
Whisky ___ (famous Hollywood night spot) 
Where you can have a belt
Majesty's Ship 
Tiny time div
Häagen-Dazs ingredient? 
Performances in rows 
John letter 
”Sabrina the Teenage Witch” aunt 
Stick in a Road Runner cartoon
Start of a Nora Ephron quote
VIP part 
A.L. West team, in crawl lines 
Sleepy backseat query 
Speakers' speakers, for short
Some subway trains
Total failures 
Some sports bets
Some island souvenirs
Small poisonous snakes
Round bodies, poetically
Sherlock's calabash, for one
Steer clear of 
Road graders
Repository for valuables
Range of expertise
Pre-cable TV hookup 
Quote, part 4
Radio letters 
Quote, part 2
Mont Blanc locale
Pres. Madison or Monroe 
Plaster backing 
Planet beyond Earth 
PC user's shortcut 
Online appointments 
On base, in baseball 
On a cruise, say 
Old California fort
Prince Valiant's first son
Put in an album, say
Quick snoozes
Quechua-speaking country
Mineral you can scratch with your fingernail 
Mellow, as cheese 
Perry and Della's creator
MBA's subj 
Paper mill substance
Mama's boy 
Opposite of ruddy
Lout, north of the border 
Laddie's mate 
Michael Jackson's 'You ___ Not Alone'
Pigs and cows, e.g 
Judo move 
Like deadpan humor
Mediterranean or Baltic
Hybrid big cat 
Lionesses lack them
Two-time National Book Award-winning poet A.R. 
Horne who sang "Stormy Weather" 
Branding target 
High end of some manual transmissions 
Leftover category (abbr.)
Jazz combo member
Glassy-eyed look 
Kathryn of HBO's 'Oz'
Now-flightless “birds” 
For the asking 
Chess pieces 
For dieters, in ads 
Features of some fasteners 
Fútbol cry 
Japanese computer inits
Card game of the Old West 
Hairdresser's implement
Old copy 
Exchanger of political favors 
Frequent hangout
Drooling dog of the comics 
Fort Worth sch
Egyptian queen, for short 
Film reviewer Roger
Enjoy a warm feeling
Engraver with acid
Corporate honcho, for short 
End of the quote
Collectible Ford cars 
Eldest of four acting brothers
Dan Quayle's successor
Country music's ___ Ridge Boys
Campaigner's low blow 
Bullring hero 
Convent member
Interpretations of scripture 
Build a new room, say 
River through Rochester, New York 
British Columbia city 
Impulse pathway 
Barely squeeze (out)
Away from one another
Turner Prize-awarding gallery 
Blunted sword 
Scrabble board symbol 
Big shot, briefly 
He succeeded Michael as Batman 
Bond, e.g 
Barfly's perch 
Tiny energy sources 
"___ Croft: Tomb Raider" 
Quest for intel 
"The Entertainer" et al 
Way to get to Bora Bora 
"Look out ___!" 
"Inside the Third Reich" author Albert 
"Hamilton" character Burr 
Parents concerned with play dates? 
”… with a muffler __ her eyes”: “Henry V” 
Accordion-playing comic Judy
Agnew and Quayle, once (abbr.)
'Don't be a wimp!'
Worker in the fields
Workbench attachment
Words to a kidder
Bard’s instrument 
Word of Osakan appreciation
Group of pals 
Winter Palace residents
Up to the task
Noir hero 
Tree of the cashew family
Tommie of the Miracle Mets
Defender at Thermopylae 
Nuclear fission pioneer Otto 
They're removed from beds
Cardiogram connection 
The Horned Frogs' sch
Teh and ohters
Teeth-gnashing state
Yom Kippur theme 
Some wealthy ’70s British emigrants 
Suffix for many an amino acid
Smallest nation in the European Union
Sue Grafton's 'N Is for ___'
Water cooler newcomer 
Spreadsheet option
Temp in many pictures 
Left Bank eateries 
Like white tigers 
Changdeokgung Palace city 
Lea grazer 
”Penny Dreadful” network, briefly 
Setting of a legend?
Setting of some waves
Those who call New Zealand “Aotearoa” 
Second-generation Japanese-American
Schubert's 'The ___-King'
Like kelp 
Sansa's sister on 'Game of Thrones'
Room with a giant TV and a pool table, perhaps
Psyche component
Pooch with a corded coat
Pioneer in military robotics
Pee Wee in Cooperstown
With 1 Down, "Salome," e.g 
Tourney position 
Oscar winner for 'Little Miss Sunshine'
Recent graduate, quite possibly 
Oliver requested more of it
Number of protons in a helium atom
Would have, given the chance 
Word shouted while tacking 
Most populous democracy
Word on Mozart's chamber-works list 
Meaning of a dot above a note
With 40 Across, one of two in the solar system 
Martini's winemaking partner
Legume that does well in semiarid regions
What a rocker might sit atop 
Its 1989 edition weighed about 138 lbs
Use a plot device? 
It went into orbit in 1962
It was established at a 1960 Baghdad conference
It offers checking
The Museo Galileo is on it 
Insightful utterance
Henry Fielding title heroine
Telemarketing reference 
He went into orbit in 1962
Stomp, for example 
Sourdough Sam is their mascot 
Harsh conditions
Something lost close to bedtime 
Guitarist/producer who co-wrote 'Le Freak' (Africa)
Singer of the TV theme lyric "I get allergic smelling hay" 
Grammy-winning artist and civil rights activist (Russia)
Seal adopter 
Gertz of 'The Lost Boys'
Gear for app settings, e.g
Right-hand man? 
Frequent interviewer of Ali
Footballer Michael featured in 'The Blind Side'
Flea market units
First Top 40 hit for Talking Heads, and a hint to the starts of the theme answers
Return call 
EPA pollution-level measure
Enya hit subtitled 'Sail Away' (Venezuela and Colombia)
Reactor core 
Pippi Longstocking, for one 
David who directed four of the Harry Potter films
Cut and paste, e.g
"We think we're in the present, but we __": Kesey 
Corp. money-watchers
Minor shake-ups 
Contract nullifier
Contraction in 'America'
Coordinate system line
Interpreter at Super Bowl 50 
It might be cooked up for a turnover 
Pippi Longstocking, for one 
Company that dropped 'Cab' from its original name
Claude of 'B.J. and the Bear'
Class challenge
Opposite of "lukewarmness" 
One of a psychological trilogy 
Characters for Aristophanes?
Cape Town currency
One of 11 in "Macbeth" 
Breadbasket item
Occasion for scrambling 
Big name in chainsaws
Not consider 
Awards administered by the World Science Fiction Society
Name that a Tennyson work popularized 
Ashton Kutcher's 'That '70s Show' role
Album featuring 'All You Need Is Love' (China)
Monologist in Job 
Accessible from many places
Acceptable by Muslim law
Like a kiss, briefly 
2003 Masters champ Mike
2003 Brooks & Dunn album (China and Vietnam)
Like a kiss 
Lightening-fast option 
1993 Melissa Etheridge album and song
1970 hit for Mountain (United States)
'The Grapes of Wrath' characters
Internet memes, often 
'One' on a one
Inappropriate place to sleep 
'Love Rollercoaster' band (United States)
Holders of the keys of heaven 
'And God Created Woman' director Roger
'American Pie' singer (Russia)
Head banger's item 
Handi-Snacks snack 
Go at terminal velocity? 
Flying dragon's habitat 
Entertainer in heavy makeup 
Drops, at times 
Deal with a shark 
Cut and ran 
City served by Dallas/Fort Worth Airport 
City on the Amalfi Coast 
Brewing or milling, e.g 
Baking soda is often used in it 
Bad wheels are replaced under it 
Apple chat choice 
Any of 4,500+ places to buy peanuts, with "The" 
Anatomical analogs to camera film 
Alarming sales slip 
Airline bought by TWA in 1986 
"What is Enlightenment?" answerer 
"We think we're in the present, but we __": Kesey 
#4 in career PGA Tour wins 
Ramsay, hero of 'The Black Stallion' 
With 41-Down, women's fashion brand 
What many do at tax season 
They feature dogfights 
Symbol of Tut's power 
Some garden ornaments 
Sixth graders, typically 
River into which the Big Sandy and the Little Sandy flow 
Religious agreement? 
Psychic mediators 
Private jet, maybe 
Player's fee 
Plant used in tanneries 
Oscar nominee for 'The Aviator' 
Note that sounds like a direction to think 
Nerves-of-steel type 
Luxury hotel facility 
Long-distance call? 
Junction injunction 
Joined the force 
Jailer, sailor and tailor 
It goes station to station 
Hymn set to music by Vivaldi and Haydn 
Human member of an old TV trio 
Horror film remake released on 6/6/06 
Hillary's mate 
Fodder for dairy cattle 
Flatten, in a way 
Filing centers 
Ethyl acetate, for one 
Eminem song about an obsessed fan 
Eldest Bennet sister in 'Pride and Prejudice' 
Door plate, maybe 
Disorderly conduct 
Dials down 
Device used by Anubis to determine a soul's fate 
Deep scarlet shade 
Cough drop brand 
Charlton's 'The Ten Commandments' co-star 
CAT scan units 
Casting lady 
Came out with 
Bandleader whose band was the New Orleans Gang 
Albert Einstein and others 
Aid for the forgetful, maybe 
Address loudly and at length 
Actress sister of Francis Ford Coppola 
1979 film that ends with Peter Sellers walking on water 
1970 Simon & Garfunkel hit 
'Yentl' setting 
People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ___': Abigail Van Buren 

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