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Monday, August 15, 2016


Thames town
Taken, as a seat
Some GIs
Make light of
Lustrous fabrics
Luau fish course
Left on a map
From the U.S
Frilly ornamentation
Father of Helios
California beach city
Andean critters
'A Rumor of War' author Philip
Writer Brown
Steer clear of
Solo of 'Star Wars'
Siren, for example
Rents from a renter
Raw fish appetizer
Pulley used for hoisting
Prepare for prayer
Pa. neighbor
Inability to recall
Crude abode
Disney's Ariel, for one
Wrigley Field player
Word before horse or lion
Waffle Cone Wednesday chain
Unruly set of wires
TomTom unit, for short
Telephone menu instruction
Teammate of Whitey and Mickey
Targets of some pollsters
Space in a lot
Sonoma Valley vessel
Skin care brand with an Active Botanicals line
Showgirl in Manilow's 'Copacabana'
Service for an afternoon break
River under the Ponte Vecchio
Pretty stuff to look at
Part of a pallet
Org. whose documents Edward Snowden leaked
One who's always on the go?
Many a tune played at a class reunion
Meyers of late-night talk
Metal-yielding rocks
Mediterranean island republic
Many 'Boy Meets World' fans
Length of some charity runs, for short
Lead-in to a congratulatory cry
Kawasaki watercraft
Journalist Clare Boothe ___
Jetson who attends Little Dipper School
Italian setting of 'The Taming of the Shrew'
It might wind up in the kitchen
Internal memo?
Influence with flattery
Great Sand Dunes National Park locale
Former New York Philharmonic conductor Toscanini
Dramatic play on the diamond
Deliver a rant
Chianti and claret
Cézanne's summer
Byrne's 'Strange Overtones' collaborator
Brown of 'Iron Chef America'
Bourbon in square bottles with wax seals
Blacken on the grill
Beg, borrow, or steal
Bear in two constellations
Abbr. in a CFO's report
38th parallel land
'You sure of that?'
'You have some nerve!'
'Wish you ___ here!'
'What the heck!'
'What can I help you with?' iPhone app
'Johnny English' actor Atkinson
'Been there, done that' feeling
Wrap for leftovers
With 51-Down, Lebanese fashion designer
Warmongering actor?
Virna of “The 25th Hour”
USA Today, e.g.
Untamed Irish author?
Triathletes’ rides, for short
Titled Turk of old
Three-time ring foe of Frazier
The Phantom of the Opera’s home
Supermodel Gisele
Suffix meaning “Sorta”
Snowman’s eyes, maybe
Shoe-wiping spot
Prima donna’s problem
Opie’s sitcom father
Not even so-so
Not at all original
More ticked off
Manatees and dugongs
Low on cash
Like a fence’s wares
Loretta of “M*A*S*H”
Hero sandwich people
Laugh-a-minute sorts
Lake Geneva’s river
It’s “saved” with a great putt
Grammarian’s concern
Gets in range of
Freddy Krueger’s street
Fireside __ (FDR broadcast)
Filmmaker in “Othello”
Devil-worshiping groups, e.g.
Extend, as a fishing line
Crinkly green
Cowboy’s pal
Cornfield-raiding actor?
Common Windows typeface
Combines, as funds
Chew the scenery
Builder’s backing strip
Blazed a trail
Billy Joel ex Brinkley
Barbarian of old
Apollo 8 commander Frank
Polishes, as a car 
Aetna offering, briefly
Island (home to Nathan’s hot dogs)
“The X-Files” figures, briefly
Toddler's footwear 
“The Nazarene” author
“Inferno” author
Stare at 
Religious sect 
acids (protein building blocks)
Woody and Tim
Phone answerer's word 
Withdraw from, as a group
Tool for a sommelier
Not in danger 
SWAT team shooter
Noah's boat 
Stack in a locker room
Popular name for a roller coaster
Neighborhood sandwich shop 
Small computer image
Revival meeting cries
Movie excerpt 
Most wise 
Playground material
Pitt's 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' co-star
Personal coach
Mom's boys 
Marsh stalks 
Nervousness that results in missed putts
It's shed when one is sobbing 
Native of a Polynesian nation
Nation on the Persian Gulf
Hangs around to see 
Matt's 'Good Will Hunting' co-star
Make more entertaining
Footwear for figure eights 
Like a locked lavatory
Gas station name of the western U.S
Florida city near St. Pete 
Footballer's shoulder protectors
Every now and 
Doctoral candidate's test 
Flexible card in blackjack
Find simply charming
Cruise-line stops 
Fictional nation inhabited by tiny people
Construction-site lifting machine 
Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific
Drink with crumpets
Cribbage score markers
Beauty contests 
Country stopover
Asked earnestly 
Completely destroy
CBS honcho Moonves
Applied grease to 
Challenging to climbers
Breakaway group
Center of Earth's orbit
''My country, 'tis of __'' 
''Bald'' bird 
Body pouches
WSW’s opposite 
Asner, O'Neill and Harris
Walk-__: small roles 
Arcade character chased by a quartet of ghosts
Use up money 
Annapolis sch
Trod heavily 
African expanse
Stuffed Indian pastry 
This, in Spain 
Actor's talk show showing
Stimulates, as an appetite 
Slips that promise payment 
'The Guiding Light,' e.g
'Get outta here!'
'All Night Long' singer Lionel
Tapered boat 
Stick the landing, say 
Start to type? 
Stag party attendees 
Skin irritations 
Set eyes on 
Scattered, as seed 
Scale readings: Abbr. 
Sales slip: Abbr. 
Responds well to change 
Porky Pig’s girlfriend 
Pau or Marc of the NBA 
Parisian political body 
Painful reality that one doesn’t want to face 
Online cash-back deal 
New law student 
Nest sound 
Munster mister 
March b-ball tourneys, casually 
Lone Star State 
Cashew or almond 
London airport 
Laundry day target 
Italian wine region 
In __: unmoved 
Have a craving (for) 
Get the creases out of 
Five minutes past a quarter of 
Financial shelter 
Features of many mountain roads 
Essential acid, familiarly 
Emails a dupe to 
Didn’t toss out 
Cook, as mussels 
Close enough to share inmate secrets 
Cheeering word 
Chaney of horror films 
2015 award for Steph Curry 
British ref. work 
Bond creator Fleming 
Body art, briefly .. and, initially, a hint to this puzzle’s four longest answers 
Bite-sized fish dish 
Big primate 
Basic training command 
Angler’s pole 
23-Across tuna 
1948 #1 hit for Cyndi Lauper 
__ lime pie 
“When you hear the __, please leave your message” 
“Patience __ virtue” 
“Of course!” 
“I thought so!” 
“I __ the opinion ..” 
“Good grief!” 
___ pal (female bestie) 
"What a surprise!" 
Homemade sandwich, informally 
Word after Holiday or Days 
Score before sudden death 
Bucharest's home 
Indianapolis footballers 
"Same here!" 
Bring under control 
Connected to Wi-Fi, say 
"That's a shame" 
Home to Plato and Aristotle 
"The ___ Squad" of TV and film 
Mail: Abbr. 
Key's partner 
Midnight, for one 
Fix, as an election 
"And that's that" 
Phone no. addition 
Big product of Kentucky 
Brother of Cain 
Usually toasted sandwiches, for short 
Time in history 
Place where one is under uncomfortable pressure 
Detonation material 
Latin for "king" 
"___ on a Grecian Urn" 
Like sand vis-à-vis gravel 
Takes pleasure in 
Genealogist's drawing 
"8 Mile" rapper 
Intense beam 
What may help you make your move? 
Numbered musical work 
Group of geese 
Sea crossed by the Argonauts 
Patron of mariners 
Bear's home 
Red-lettered announcement added to a real estate sign 
Alex and ___ (jewelry retailer) 
Early home for Lincoln 
Walk very, very quietly 
Garlicky mayo 
Culture: Prefix 
___ of the above 
Legs at KFC 
God, with "the" 
Openly gay 
"They're mine now!," informally 
"In God We Trust," for the United States 
"Someone's gonna pay" ... or a statement about 17-, 24-, 51- and 60-Across? 
Alternative to "trick" on Halloween 
"Come onstage" stage direction 
Trade some punches 
"Trainwreck" star Schumer 
Grain used in making beer 
"___, meenie ..." 
Detachable toy blocks 
"It's my turn!" 
Easter Day activities 
Word before name or voyage 
Drink that's steeped 
What to get an "E" for 
Squished circle 
Suffix with "high" or "low" 
serif (type style) 
Trees for archers' bows 
Trot and canter, for two 
Violated a commandment 
Worshipped thing 
X-ray dose unit 
Winter bugs? 
Wear away gradually 
Type of jet 
Troubadour's instrument 
Tourist city in India 
Successful candidate 
This date 
Suffix with "sight" or "over" 
Study at the last minute 
Square dancer, at times 
Military base 
Small needle case 
Semi-sheer material 
Salad topping choice 
Prearranged situations 
Parts of a "casa" 
Orders the attack dogs 
Nothing-matters link 
Optometrist's concern 
Opposite of chaos 
New York island 
Military base 
One getting a pink slip 
Maximum raise in poker 
Lord's land 
Mathematical points 
Majestic pachyderm 
Baltic state capital 
Library unit 
Kind of plum 
Lincoln Center production 
"Have mercy on me!" e.g 
It might be pierced 
Hooded Arctic coat 
Fastener in a gun 
Diner offerings 
Farmers, at times 
Earl Grey and others 
Funny Polly Holliday sitcom role 
Descended a mountain, in a way 
Highest natural adult male voice 
High school subject 
Gumball machine feature 
Gator relative 
Full of backtalk 
Flim-___ (cons) 
Eggs, in old Rome 
Edible root of the taro 
Eating plan 
Drove away, as trespassers 
Doughnut centers 
Cable for a computer 
Breakfast cereal type 
Below, to poets 
Be sure of 
Bad way to be conceived? 
Anger (with "up") 
Ad placed on windshields, etc. (Var.) 
"Star-Spangled Banner" preposition 
"Rock of ___" 

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