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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

crossword puzzles

Witchlike woman 
Zatopek of Olympic fame 
Weighted cattle catcher 
Wall Street exec's deg., perhaps 
Some salamanders 
Soprano's big number 
Traffic-light color 
They may make a scene 
The "D" in LED 
Steady guys and girls 
State point-blank 
Snorer's problem 
Short, short skirt 
Shop class gripper 
Roofer's hangover? 
Result of an ink mishap 
Piglike creature 
Photo ___ (publicity events) 
Overcrowded digs 
Loyal party voter 
Not prerecorded 
No longer worth debating 
No longer nurses 
Nibble like a beaver 
Moth-___ (ratty) 
Momma's triplets? 
Like swamp water 
Leonardo's home 
Lentil or pea, e.g 
Late-night host Conan 
Jack-in-the-box feature 
It's not taken by extremists 
It may be manicured 
Install as a minister 
Home to billions 
Gather, as details 
Educated show-off 
Early garden spot 
Dudley Do-Right's lady 
Dogcatcher's prey 
Common-interest group 
Collapsible shelter 
Certain empty-nester 
CEO's transportation, briefly 
Burns or Sexton, e.g 
Behave poorly 
Art ___ (retro style) 
Apple pastry 
Ankle bones 
Aircraft parking spot 
Abbr. on a Monopoly board 
1/100th of a pound 
"___ words cannot express …" 
"the Rainbow" 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" character 
"Eating ___" (1982 movie) 
NFLer again in 2016 
Verbal nudge found in each set of puzzle circles 
Trusty mount 
One born there 
Suffix with pay or Cray 
Set the pace 
Ton of, slangily 
Make __ for: argue in favor of 
Executive’s confidante 
Cornball routine 
Green Hornet’s sidekick 
Nearsighted cartoon character 
Baseball or golf 
Yoga class need 
Olympics entrant: Abbr 
Oft-molded almond confection 
Found a new home for, as an unwanted present 
Bit of butter 
Diver’s sickness 
Like the ’69 N.Y. Mets 
Oft-molded almond confection 
”Family Guy” daughter 
Rank below cpl 
”Guernica” muralist Pablo 
See 14-Across 
Something stuck in a bonnet 
Puts on the museum wall 
Inaugural recitation 
Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant 
Rob __: cocktails 
Word in a Garbo line
”Whatever works” 
When many start walking
VCR supplanter
Stows in a hold
Shorthand-taker's book
Storytelling dance
Misses military roll call, maybe 
Small change, and a word that can follow the first parts of 18-, 25-, 43- and 58-Across
Apple with earbuds 
Picture file suffix 
Shrine near the National Mall
Short melodic passages
Cannes concept 
Sherlock Holmes' Ms. Adler
Series ender (Abbr.)
Gym class punishment, perhaps 
Rose garden pest
Betting numbers 
Reason to cancel school
Result of a court bargain
Ranges of British Columbia and Alberta
Powder in a gym bag
Pass along, as gossip
Owner of a Paris amusement park
Opposite of "endo-"
One of the front or back nine
One of Santa's reindeer, in "An American Anthology"
On ___ (at a risk)
New mortgage, in brief
Lie with limbs spread
Left or right of the mark
KenKen solver's skill
JFK Library architect
Hardly well-off
Gained after taxes
Incite anger in
Makes by working 
Having four sharps
Ipanema locale, for short
Winter illness 
Like a texter who types “:-(“ 
Firer of electric darts
Letterman’s successor 
Doesn’t get confused, as facts 
Knee-baring skirt 
Event for bargain-hunters
Eliot's "cruellest month"
chic: hippie-influenced fashion style 
”The Greatest” boxer
Edith, "the Little Sparrow"
Dundee who trained Ali
Do an usher's job
Selection for a reading 
Did some batiking
David of "Separate Tables"
Constellation with a "belt"
Old tape initials 
Cedar Rapids college
Greek letter that would be last in English 
Cardinals' meeting to elect a pope
Detective Spade 
Bug to no end
Be philanthropic
Concern for an orthodontist 
Mogadishu is its cap 
Apple Store buy
DVR button 
1959 Kingston Trio hit
A craps natural
Under the intended pitch 
Capital of Samoa 
Nickname of a Nobel-winning novelist 
"Three Sisters" sister
Plant, as seed 
Like LAX and JFK 
"The Affair" channel
Annual Time honoree 
"Ding Dong, ___ Calling"
Throw in 
"Birds ___ feather . . ."
With 5-Down, “Spanglish” actor 
Rumor, to a rumor mill 
Exhalation of relief 
Sherbet flavor 
Zither's Japanese cousin
Wind that might be made of grenadilla
Viral thing on the Internet
Unaccounted for GIs
TV's Warrior Princess
Tallahassee sch
Single serving dish, e.g.?
Sax played by Charlie Parker
Shot at a coffee bar
Shaquille of basketball fame
Rickman part in the Harry Potter movies
Request for the carving of a tribal symbol?
Record label for Stevie Wonder
Poseidon ruled them
Plasmic starter
Pam Grier hairstyle
Part for Hitchcock in his own movies, for example
Like a trait present at birth 
NBC morning show
Natural rhythm followed by spawning salmon?
Mother of Princes William and Harry
Meet, as a challenge
Many August babies
Like a crew of just enough people
Lessen, as expenses 
Thin porridge 
Troupe grp 
Lawyers' employers
In ___ (unborn)
Hart, lead role in 'Chicago' 
Words before 'So sue me!' 
UV blockage no 
Trebek with all the answers 
Tour leader 
Thurmond who left the Senate at age 100 
Sounds from schnauzers 
Illicit ignition
Flightless birds
Subj. for the foreign-born 
Tablet since 2010 
Foal's mother
Fed. workplace watchdog
Still in draft form 
Fake ID maker's blank background?
Employer's note of appreciation to fill-in workers?
Sorbets, e.g 
Pulsate painfully 
Double ___ (Oreo product)
Saver's bank holding: Abbr 
Sales worker, briefly 
Datebook entry
Romney's 2012 running mate 
Cosmetics maker Lauder
Colorful parrot
Remotely controlled flier 
Rational self, to Freud 
Classic soft drink brand
Rammed from behind 
Choreographer Tharp
Quran deity 
Certain investment, for short
Black, to poets
Quite bizarre 
Big Apple ave. near 3rd
Popeye's brawny rival for Olive Oyl 
Ballet leg bend
Automated task runners on the Internet
Prefix with -meter or -scope 
'___ chicken right' (KFC ad phrase)
'If you ask me,' in texts
'Crimes and Misdemeanors' actor Alan
Peter out 
Onetime CBS News anchor 
Output of Santa's workshop 
One offering test drives 
Mt. Rushmore's state: Abbr 
MS. readers at Ms., e.g 
Mall stand 
Like rappers Wayne and Kim 
Kind of port on a PC 
Like a ram or lamb 
Wisconsin's capital
Like 10-Down vis-à-vis any other senator in history 
Spanish wool
Soften food by soaking
Lauder with a cosmetics empire 
Lacking broad application 
Prized possession
Misused word
Hurdles for Ph.D.s 
Mime Marcel extraordinaire
Job openings 
Ironclad evidence 
Denny's rival
Implement for eating 14-Across 
Fit ___ tied 
Black-and-white cookie
Augusta golf tourney
Helicopter part 
Actress Dawber
Brother of Shemp and Curly 
Guy shouting 'Cowabunga!,' say 
'Um … excuse me?' 
Group led by Richard the Lionheart 
Gets lucky with one's car downtown, say 
Gambler's chances 
Documentarian Burns 
Vacation spots
Celtic tongue of the British Isles 
Wind indicators
Cello cousin 
They may be made with cut-out letters
Auto with a black, blue and white logo 
Spying org
Blue Ribbon brewer 
Some office squares
Blog update, e.g 
Bisque or gazpacho 
Rainbow maker
Birch relative often used in electric guitars 
Pied Piper's town
Big Apple inits 
'Star Wars' droid … or a phonetic hint to what's found in 17-, 26-, 41- and 52-Across 
Music's Yoko
Marrying words
Maiden name indicator
Like venison
Like Simba
Like neon
Led Zeppelin's 'Whole — Love'
Japanese gowns
Followed a trail
Fishhook parts
Charged with a crime
Baseball's Koufax
Auction signal
'Top Hat' star
'As I see it,' in texts
T-bone and sirloin 
Typical Saudis 
Signs off on 
Wildcats with spots 
West Texas city 
Weather systems 
Poems of praise 
Use as a chair 
Surprise greatly 
Traffic tie-ups 
Toy musical instrument 
Takes to a higher court 
Sound of a sneeze 
Swampy area 
Supermarket vehicle 
Soprano's solo 
Poker prizes 
Person called a "carrot-top" 
One from Zagreb 
On the summit of 
Like a flu shot 
New Haven university 
Mixes with a spoon 
Military medal recipient 
Members of the deer family 
Lose one's footing 
Like a tavern shot 
Like a 100-to-1 shot 
Like a big shot 
Letterhead illustration 
Legendary lawman Wyatt 
Deceitful one 
Justice Dept. agency 
From not long ago 
Frog cousin 
For not too long 
Fender imperfection 
Fairy tale villain 
Composer Ellington 
Cat's coat 
Canon camera competitor 
Candid, as a photo 
British prep school 
Be deserving of 
Barbecue residue 
Abrupt bump 
"__ in Rome, do . . ." 
Words before whim or tear 
Wilder's four-time co-star 
White-crested diving duck 
Where some sentences are served 
Urban mayhem 
Umbrella spoke 
Texas governor Abbott 
Tell tall tales 
Take care of 
Spiritual emblem of a clan 
Sphere of expertise 
Societal outcasts
Sniper wear 
Slog away 
Absorb gradually 
Sch. based in Columbus 
Sauna covers 
River through Baghdad 
PC maker based in New Taipei City 
Ontario's second-largest city 
Norwegian Wood music festival setting 
Most likely to win 
Merit badge spot 
Heating fuel 
Manipulative person 
Mambo king Puente 
Low-pH stuff 
Lose steam 
Lofty verse 
Like some eclipses 
Like many ethnic jokes 
Life story, of a sort 
Letters on a Soyuz spacecraft 
Laura of 'Wild' 
Kellogg deg 
Image file format 
Hotel offering 
Guiding principle, or what the answers to the starred clues all have 
Giuliani of the GOP 
Gerund end 
Garden division 
'What a surprise to run into you!' 
Frosty coating 
Feel awful about 
Fairy tale meanie 
Egyptian god with the head of a falcon 
Edible root 
Economic stat 
Down in the dumps 
Disney character whose father is King Triton 
Betray sorrow 
1986 Turner autobiography 
Sirius setting 
It starts with love 
It has a Bastille stop 
Coldplay's lead singer 
'Old ___' (1989 Gregory Peck movie) 
'Gotcha, daddy-o!' 
'Frozen rope,' in baseball 
'Another card, please' 
'Am not!' retort

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