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Saturday, June 25, 2016

How crossword puzzles are advantageous to both teachers and students

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How crossword puzzles are advantageous to both teachers and students

Several centenarians, nonagenarians and octogenarians give credit to various forms of brain exercises for their long and healthy lives. Like all other muscles in our body, our brain also follows the USE IT OR LOSE IT concept, where extra and unnecessary information and energy is dumped. Browsing the net, playing games, reading books, and solving crossword puzzles – all can assist an elderly stay mentally fit and fine even at an older age.

If solving crossword puzzles can mentally benefit those in their 70s or 80s, then it can be said without any shred of doubt that today’s youth will definitely benefit a lot, if they are helped to develop a habit of solving one puzzle at least every day or every two days. Students belonging to all age groups will definitely benefit a lot from a unique combination of new age education, which clubs traditional lessons with modern forms of using crossword puzzles as a means to educate students. So, as it has been said for many centuries, this truly is a win-win combination for all those who take part in this.

If any school or education institute makes it a point to subscribe or affiliate with a website which creates crossword puzzles, the teachers or trainers can quite easily get hold of a wonderful and new tool to educate students in the best possible way. Teachers will have the ability to create special crossword puzzles for a variety of subjects or fields of study with the use of spelling words, vocabulary lists, mathematical terms, chapters in the book, or a glossary pertaining to any form of science education. Truly, the choices provided by these websites are quite endless, and all the crossword puzzles provided to the students are exciting as well as educational.

It will be very satisfying for any teacher or trainer to see students solving the puzzles while discussing the topics and solutions among themselves. This keeps a certain amount of harmony among them, as well as helps them learn their lessons through competitive group discussion. This new form of educating students always makes it easier for teachers to teach all the topics properly to the students, as students look forward to such puzzle solving sessions.

The situation is extremely helpful for English teachers, who make use of well written crosswords to take weekly tests on the vocabulary of their students, and it will actually be a surprise to see how well students react to this form of testing and how well they perform, especially those who were once weak in the subject. Students thrive on the boost provided by the ability to use the process of elimination for the successful solving of a crossword puzzle, especially those who feel frustrated when they cannot seem to remember any answer in a traditional class test. The teachers will also have the freedom to design crossword puzzles which belong to the three difficulty levels, viz, easy, medium, hard, which will allow the students to go through a systematic chain of learning.

Some extra puzzle sheets might always prove themselves to be useful, as a teacher might have a sudden urge to take a surprise test to see if the students have paid attention in the last few lessons. So, it is in their best interest to print a few extra crossword puzzle sheets so that when the need for a surprise test arises, or you, the teacher, simply have to pass the time when the lessons are over. Even when you leave for a short vacation, and a substitute teacher takes over, you need these printed sheets so as to maintain the level of education you were providing to the students.

Benefit of crosswords in case of students

Various experts and researchers are of the opinion that all sorts of crossword puzzles can be considered an ideal workout regime for the brain. In all actuality, puzzles have been known to be beneficial for individuals of all ages, gender, social status and nationality, but crosswords seem to have a very special effect on young minds, which are still ripe for remodeling and restructuring, i.e., there is still room for some neuroplasticity that lets the brain functions evolve and improve exponentially.

Earlier, there existed an extremely silly confusion that crosswords can only be solved by adults. But recent researchers have proven this fact to be wrong. Several schools and learning institutions are making use of different crossword puzzles to teach students of all ages. Let us look at why crossword puzzles have such a unique use in education nowadays. Read on to find out more.

The game is full of fun

If crossword puzzles are used properly, then they can be used as an exciting tool for teaching young students. The challenge and excitement young students face when they are solving a crossword puzzle in groups at school is a perfect setting for some competitive group discussion, which is a fine source of learning.

A fine source of interest in studies among students

Parents often feel lost when they are on the internet, looking for new and improved ways to help their children become interested in academic lessons. Kids do not usually appreciate the fact when they are forced to sit and study. But if any parent knows how to use crossword puzzles as a tool to educate his or her child, then the situation will definitely change, and the child will definitely be interested in his or her lessons.

A wonderful mind sharpener

Every parent would want their child to have a sharp mind, which would help her excel in academics. But owing to too much television, and absence of proper brain exercise, children tend to become dull and lag in their studies. Crossword puzzles might be a safe and effective solution for those parents, who want their kids to take part in regular brain workout sessions. These crosswords not only help the kids to have a sharper mind, and keener sense of logical reasoning, but also allow a child to have an improved vocabulary. 

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